These are the intermediate courses and are suitable for most musicians as this is the widest category.

Levels of Harmony
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Amazing Grace

Technique Series
Rodney East’s Technique Vol. 1
Rodney East’s Technique Vol. 2
Ear Training Vol. 2

Artist Series
Jayden Arnold Vol. 1
Jayden Arnold Vol. 2

Theory Series
How to Make Melody Sing
Walking Bass Lines
Understanding the Modes
How to Create Crazy Chordal Moves
Passing Chords with Erik Miller
ii-V-i (The Minor Version) with Erik Miller

Voicing Series
How to Voice Chords Vol. 3
Drop-2 Voicings

Practice Series
Dig Deeper – The Thought Process
The Secrets to Playing Gospel Like the Pros

It Will Work, If You Work It | Musician Mentality | 9/9/20
Placement – Accompanying a Singer | Rhythm | 10/28/20
Music Everywhere | Musician Mentality | 11/4/20
Anticipation | Rhythm | 12/2/20
Understanding Chords – The Big Picture |Musician Mentality | 12/9/20
Understanding Pedal Tones | 12/16/20 | Harmony
Create Your Plan | 12/30/2020 | Musician Mentality
Understanding Extensions | 1/6/2021 | Harmony
Understanding Extensions (part 2) | Harmony | 1/13/21
Subdividing Rhythmic Modes | Rhythm | 1/27/21
Figuring Out Melody | Melody | 2/17/21
Syncopation: How to Understand and Practice It | Rhythm | 2/24/21
The Melodies of Kevin Bond | Melody | 3/17/21
Extending Harmonic Movements | Harmony | 4/7/21

Quick Tips, Riffs, and Runs
Cool Chordal Turnaround
The Classic Turnaround
Classic Turnaround Substitution
Inner Voice Movement
Inner Voice Movement 2.0
Passing Chord to 5 (V)
The Five (V) Chord Substitution
The Gospel Trill
The Island-Style Run
Country Gospel Bluesy Riff
Minor Blues Run
Cool Run on a Dominant Chord